Joey's PAW is a compassionate and effective organization. The level of concern for the pets that they help is immense, from wanting to know their needs, listening to their journey and also a comforting shoulder to lean on. New York Bully Crew's experience with Joey's PAW has been one of pure love and dedication to the dogs they have helped. We are grateful for their service and commitment.

Joey's PAW was able to outfit our special boy Tyrus with his own custom cart. He has now been liberated and is proud when he struts his stuff in his cart! Thank you from the bottom of his little paws.

-Tyrus (New York Bully Crew)

Our family received a message from our rescue director of Bully Up Rescue that a new phenomenal non-profit organization wanted to assist our special needs foster, Lucky with a cart! I called Tanya with Joey's Paw immediately where we excitedly discussed Lucky's needs and within a day or so Lucky had an order in for a custom cart! Then shortly after Tanya with Joey's paw heard about Canello another special needs dog we had in foster who also was in need of a cart and to our excitement and astonishment shortly after Canello had an order for his cart! We are amazed and grateful for Joey's paw nonprofit and cannot thank this organization enough for what they have given our dogs.

-Lucky & Canello

Thank you To Baby Joey and his WONDERFUL Family for donating a Cart to My Foster Chi Chi from Second Chance Rescue. Chi Chi is blind, deaf and both back legs do not function. Chi Chi is the sweetest little senior girl. Today we put the wheels to the test and oh my Goodness she is like a little Roadrunner! Her face has lit up like a million stars. After being her foster for he past 3 weeks I could tell immediately the difference in her confidence running around freely. She had no issues with her new Wheels the moment they were put on. (We just have to learn to keep up with her!! ) She loved every second of her independency to sniff around instead of dragging herself or being carried. Thank you again for doing this for Chi Chi. Never give up on those less fortunate. Their hearts are pure and loving and they know kindness when it’s offered to them. You made her very HAPPY! Thank you from Chi Chi and her foster family! XO <3

-Judy (Second Chance Rescue)