Success Stories

It all started with Joey, but has led to so much more. Meet the other dogs that Joey’s P.A.W. has helped.

  • Kona

    Look at the smile on Kona's face when in her new pink wheels!! 

  • Rosie

    Can you believe the vet was talking euthanasia for Rosie!?  She looks great in her new wheels and is doing very well… Read More About Rosie

  • Sorbet

    Meet Sorbet...he is a retired sled dog who has lost his use of his back legs.  The rescue is hoping with the help of… Read More About Sorbet

  • Harlie

    Harlie received her wheels from Joey's PAW in early July.  We love to see that happy smile!!  Thank you to our… Read More About Harlie

  • Taffy

    We would like to introduce you to Taffy...she not only got her new wheelchair from Joey's PAW but also found her… Read More About Taffy

  • Roo

    Roo not only received new front wheels from Joey's PAW but also found his forever home.  We wish you a world of… Read More About Roo

  • Bennie

    Meet Bennie!  Bennie was a wheelchair recipient of Joey's PAW.  As you can see he chose the cool camouflage design… Read More About Bennie

  • Casey

    Casey was a recipient of a custom prosthetic leg from Joey's PAW.  Casey was an abuse case where his prior owner had… Read More About Casey

  • Diego

    Meet another Joey's PAW wheelchair recipient Diego!  Diego is getting used to his wheels and building his leg… Read More About Diego

  • Wally

    Wally is currently with his foster family with Bluebelle's Rescue.  He has thrived in his foster home and has become… Read More About Wally

  • Canello

    Upon speaking with Audra about getting a wheelchair for Lucky from Bully Up Rescue, she mentioned that she had… Read More About Canello

  • Chi Chi

    We were contacted by a friend of hers in need of a wheelchair for friends dog. We of course said yes we would help… Read More About Chi Chi

  • Lucky

    Lucky was found as a stray In Georgia and put in a shelter and ended up on the Euthanasia list. He was pulled by… Read More About Lucky

  • Maverick

    I had just lost my 14 yrs old Shephard and really wasn’t looking to get another dog so soon but my Shasta, Siberian… Read More About Maverick

  • Joey

    I saw Joey on the Facebook news feed from Second Chance Rescue NY, a super cute dog that had a prosthetic and he was… Read More About Joey