As I type this, I'm sitting next to Pearl on the couch. She, of course, made her way up here on her own accord. Being Pearly's ''Mom'' is one of the greatest joys I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She constantly amazes us with her intellect and definitive personality. She is SO SMART. What's amazing about owning a special needs dog is that even ordinary every day things... selecting a toy from the toy bin, going into her crate on her own when it's time to eat, playing with her friends, walking well on leash... all seem extraordinary because you are just so proud of your dog.


Moreover, Pearl has so much love to give. It took us a while to fully trust her and for her to fully trust us. Deaf dogs don't learn bite inhibition as puppies and that, in addition to Pearl's lack of eyesight, use to make me worried about putting my face near her mouth... but she LOVES giving face kisses. She always knows where our faces are and will immediately start kissing you as soon as you get close. As much as I love our other dogs and as much as I am responsible for their well being and happiness, there is a special kind of bond that we share with Pearl. We have to keep her safe while also recognizing that it's ok for her to try new things and be independent. Our greatest challenges with Pearl are her behavioral concerns which would exist whether she was different or not. Owning a special needs dog isn't challenging - it's rewarding and fulfilling... and so so joyful!