Noodle is an inspiring and tenacious pup.  My husband (Kyle) and I adopted her around Christmas time after seeing a video on social media about her needs at the local animal shelter. She was dropped at the shelter as a 2 month old puppy who was paralyzed in the back legs. My husband and I knew immediately that we would want to add her to our family pack. We thought that being physical therapists we could give her a good life and help her rehabilitate.


When someone rescues a pet, we believe we are saving that animals life. I believe it is the opposite. Animals have the ability to change our lives. They can inspire us, nurture us and love us like no one else can. Despite Noodle’s special needs she is no different than any other rescue animal. Noodle has brought our family so much love. Her no quit attitude inspires my husband and I daily.  I believe it is because of her special needs that she is making our lives better on a daily basis.


We are excited to see where our life with Noodle takes us. We hope to inspire others that face physical deficits (human or animal) that perseverance prevails.


Now our senior dog, Sampson, may disagree with everything I’ve written. His beard is tattered by Noodle’s puppy shenanigans but he remains patient.


Non-Profit groups like Joey’s P.A.W. demonstrate the power of kindness. Joey’s P.A.W. is an excellent way to provide support and show compassion to a soul in need. Services and support like this exist for humans and animals alike.  As a physical therapist I’ve gotten to see this power of love work for humans and now as Noodle’s “pawrent” I have learned of the same beauty for animals.