We adopted Kingston July 26, 2016 at 2 weeks old. He was going to be killed because the breeder could not make any money on him because he was blind. Our friend asked me if I would take him and my husband and I said yes, of course we would.

Kingston was our very first special Needs dog EVER and we had no idea what we were doing. When we got Kingston had a severe upper respiratory infection and had to be quarantined for 1 month and had to be bottle-fed every 2 hours. It was exhausting but I would do it again! 

I am so very grateful for Dr. Gretchen Meyers at Banfield Pet Hospital in Cranberry, Township Pennsylvania who helped us navigate through all the firsts for us. She was so wonderful answering all types of questions (in person and on the phone) squeezing us in when there was a issue and just being so wonderful with Kingston. 

We took him to Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital too see if we could fix his eyes but regrettably we could not. This was the start of our love for Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital and our many, many trips there. 

Kingston was the runt of the pure breed chocolate lab litter and at 3 years old he is only 26in high and 30lbs.  He has severe OCD issues (he takes Medication daily for it).

He has a quarter of an inch under bite and had to have 2 teeth filed down and capped due to his mouth being too small. 

We were afraid that he would run into everything and I was afraid he would be getting hurt all the time. HE IS AMAZING! We have a sound that we make when he gets close to something and he will completely stop. He get around like he can completely see.  We will walk him around a room if there are any changes in it and he memorizes room layout after a bit. 

He has brought so much joy and happiness to our home. There is not a day I don’t tell my husband he just makes me smile!  We have been so blessed and we would have another blind dog in a heartbeat. As I tell him daily... YOU ARE WANTED AND YOU ARE LOVED!