Harper was thrown from a car at 12 weeks old. She had a Grade 6 heart murmur and severe cuts on her paws, back of head and neck. She was put into a shelter with her wounds for a week when TLC Pet Rescue in Georgia got her and her sister from the shelter and put her with her Foster Mom Lia (now God Momma to Harper).

I saw her on Instagram and felt a instant connection! Her sweet face looked so sad. I got in touch with her foster and kept in touch, then asked if anyone had put in a application for her ... no one wanted her. I said we would love to adopt her and from there I asked if we could take her to Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital for heart surgery, they said YES!

We met Lia and her Husband on June 3, 2017 in Fayetteville West Virginia and brought Harper home. Dr. John Bonagura and Dr. Emily Chapel performed a Balloon Angioplasty on Harper June 14, 2017 with complete success! There was also a hole between the right and left ventricle that has closed as well due to the Balloon Angioplasty.

She now only has a Grade 1 heart murmur. I can’t thank Dr. Chapel enough for explaining, explaining again, and explaining again and waiting patiently on me as I was wanting to make the right decisions for Harper. 

Thank you Dr. Chapel for giving her a normal life expectancy and the ability to play, run and enjoy life. We are forever grateful.

Harper now is queen of this house!!  She stands only 16 inches high weighs 17.4 lbs and puts everyone in their place!  Thank you Lia for trusting us with her! We are beyond blessed to have the honor of taking care of her furever!