Ella Grace

I (Mom) saw Ella on Facebook when they were asking for someone to foster or adopt her. I knew the first time I saw her we would be going to NY to get her.

I spoke with Dr. Lynda Sheppard of The Healing Haven Animal Foundation several times and we agreed to meet Jan 2, 2016 in Easton Pa to pick up Ella. We brought her home, changed her name to Ella Grace and she fit right in with our other dogs. She was so sweet, always had a smile on her face and she always came Barreling around the corner of our island in her scoot bag and went flying. She loved doing that! 

When we would change her diaper we would sing a song my husband made up in her ear “Ella Grace Ella Grace you have such a pretty face “ and she would smile and give you lots of kisses. 

She got sick and the Doctors wanted to put her down but we were not ready to give up, so we drove her back to NY to Dr. Lynda Sheppard for her to help Ella recover. We had every intention of bringing her back home but she had a autoimmune disease that took her over and we had to make the painful decision to put her down.

She was only 9 months old. Ella Grace was only with us for 3 months in that time we expressed her blatter, changed a ton of diapers, gave her a million baths, took her to PT, and we would do it a million times over!  We were so very blessed to have gotten the privilege to take care of her. You were such a joy, we miss you sweet girl. YOU ARE LOVED!