Eddie Milo

Eddie Milo is an adoptable dog. This is Eddie Milo. He was a normal, healthy pup living in Texas. He enjoyed going off property for daily excursions, then always came home. One day he didn’t return. His family found him lying on the ground, unable to use his back legs and in pain. We don’t know how this happened. Unfortunately they did not have the means to get him the emergency vet care he needed, nor did they realize that the first 48 hours in any spinal cord injury is the most crucial time to possibly reverse any damage. They held on to Eddie Milo, hoping he would get better on his own but sadly he did not.  Not wanting him to suffer any longer, they brought him to a shelter with the hopes that someone would adopt him and get him the treatments needed however no one stepped up and he went on the list to be euthanized. 

On the day he was to be put to sleep, a shelter worker reached out to NYC SECOND CHANCE RESCUE begging for this beautiful boy to be saved, and the answer was YES!  With the help of our partner rescue DALLAS DOGRRR, Eddie Milo made the long journey to New York and made CAMP SCR his new home, where he enjoys playing with a dozen or more fursiblings. This was in August 2016. 

In September 2016 he started intensive rehabilitation therapy at the famed WATER4DOGS in NYC. EM and the team of skilled rehab therapists worked very hard every day which giving him strength and strong reflexes in his back legs. With continued rehab therapy, he is now able to stand on his own for short periods of time and take a few spinal walking steps here and there. We are so proud of EM’s progress and we are so grateful to everyone who has donated towards his recovery.

Eddie Milo requires someone to be home a major portion of the day and night to express his bladder 9 times a day and stimulate him to have a bowel movement 6 times a day as well as clean him, feed him, do some strengthening and stretching exercises and constantly supervise him while he is in his cart as he can flip over, especially when running and playing with fur siblings. The only time he is left unsupervised is when in crate for nap time. His home ideally is in a quiet neighborhood because the loud noises of automobile traffic, emergency vehicles and construction make him nervous. His rear needs be supported by a sling when going up and down stairs or he has to be carried. The interiors needs to be spacious so he can get around in his cart without getting his wheels caught up on furniture. Outside, a flat yard to run around in (supervised) so he doesn't flip.

Basically he needs LOVE (because he deserves it), COMMITMENT (because it's what's needed) AND TIME (because it's what is required to meet his needs).