Charlie and I (Tanya) have a heart for the dogs that have been literally starved, abused, thrown away, and for breeders, wanting to kill them, because they are unable to make a profit from them. For us, those are the most beautiful dogs out there.

We see the dog not there disabilities. We have 6 dogs with a wide range of issues; Idiopathic Head Tremors, Idiopathic Epilepsy, food issues from being starved, mental issues, blindness, heart murmur, skin issues with scars, prosthetic leg, and we had a paralyzed dog in a wheelchair.

We will always have special needs dogs in our family. We just want people to see that it may take more time and attention with a special needs dog but the amount of joy, happiness and just plain love that we have received from each and everyone of them has literally turned our world upside down. Our lives will never be the same again!!

Please see our dogs below.

  • Kingston

    We adopted Kingston July 26, 2016 at 2 weeks old. He was going to be killed because the breeder could not make any… Read More About Kingston

  • Harper

    Harper was thrown from a car at 12 weeks old. She had a Grade 6 heart murmur and severe cuts on her paws, back of… Read More About Harper

  • Ella Grace

    I (Mom) saw Ella on Facebook when they were asking for someone to foster or adopt her. I knew the first time I saw… Read More About Ella Grace

  • Joey

    I saw Joey on the Facebook news feed from Second Chance Rescue NY, a super cute dog that had a prosthetic and he was… Read More About Joey